Dramatic build up.

I must say, I love those epic moments in a movie or a show where the hero is getting ready to unleash pain on the bad guy.  The music kicks up, the hero grabs his weapon… he delivers some line about how he’s had enough crap from the big bad and it shows how things have turned in his favor.  He readys his strike and!!!  The chainsaw runs out of gas, or the gun is out of bullets.  The hero is just left there completely dumbstruck.  After a brief pause, all he manages to get out is some type of swear.  Ranging from “crap” to “****.”  (The hero might also just stay quiet)

These moments if done right can be one of the funniest moments in the movie or even a serious dramatic climax.  (Like in Terminator 2 were Sarah Conner runs out of shot-gun ammo.)   For me, doing it right means you don’t really see it coming.  (In Terminator 2 it was obvious that it was going to happen.)  A recent moment done right that made me laugh was in the episode of Torchwood, “Something Borrowed.”  In it, the character of Rhys is about to kill an alien shape-shifter.  He delivers his lines about how the alien is going to pay for ruining his day when his chainsaw runs out of gas.  After a short pause, he all he can say is F***.

Even though these moments can be cool, I can’t help but feel that they subtract from the actions of the character who is making their stand.  They then have to be saved by a more important character. (Like a robot with a grenade launcher)  It seems, in some cases, to make all the other characters look useless.  It is just making “cooler” character appear even more awesome than before.

On a final note, I am not saying all these moments are good.  They can ruin a scene if done wrong.  I can’t really think of any examples of times where this has killed a movie but you probably have some in mind…


Makes you think, maybe

What if you saw a blind mother and son out for a walk. Now, what are the odds they are lost???

Climbing Training

When deciding to go climbing, vertical or horizontal, just remember these few rules. 

1.  Don’t be below a fat person.

2.  Keep a good hand-hold and foothold at all times.

3.  Don’t stick your hands or face into holes in the cliff as you go up. 

4.  Don’t clap for your buddy who is doing a good job.  Clapping breaks rule 2.

5.  Don’t look down.

6.  Don’t fall.

7.  Don’t climb higher than the cliff goes.  That would be impossible.

These have been the rules to remember if you ever go mountain climbing.

Trolling Win

My day of postings was a success!  I didn’t post as much as I thought I would but I did annoy some of my FB “friends.”  I receive a message asking me to “stop crapping up,” a news feed. 

I also noticed the other day that one of these “friends” unfriended me.  I would like to think it was because of all my spam posts.  But I will probably never know… I don’t even know who left, I just saw the number had dropped. 

I should do this agin sometime, but not for a while.

True Potential

It has been a while since my last post but that changes with this one. 

I have decided to use Facebook for its real purpose.  No, not to become friends with people I barely know from high school and no… I am not going to play Farmville.  What I am going to do is try to go an entire day posting nothing but what I am doing. 

Yes, every time I log on I will update my status to what I just did or what I am  about to do.  When ever my “friends” log on, they will see nothing but my posts.  You might be asking why.  My answer is that I am going to replicate what some of my FB “friends” already kind of do and because I feel like it.

You can do it to!!!!

Threat Level

The current “Zombie Threat Level” is now light green.  (not to be confused with yellow-green)  Take precautions after dark, travel in groups, and report any sightings to 1-800-Isawazombie-soIamcallingthisnumber.  …Actually, just call 911… the other number might take to long…

Operators are standing by.

A Nerds Life

 (This is something I wrote a while ago.  Hope you like it.)
As the quest comes to an end, the player might look back and reflect on the days work. He reflects back on the path he took to the goal. He may wonder where the other paths lead, he may wonder if going to the Cave of the Damned was the best course, or maybe he wonders if he should have gone through the Field of Lost Hope to reach the Shores of the Sun (which is the more beautiful path). He may wonder, but he is content with this quests outcome. He knows that he saved the day, defeated the boss, and saved the Princess. And yes he knows that he was killed once… or twice… BUT he was always revived by a party member or a fairy in a jar. He knows that with one quest closing, another one opens. So what can he do besides roll the dice again and see where the next level takes him. With his party armed and his pets rested he sets out to the Singing Swamp and wonders, “Where should I go now?”