Uncommon Common Commentary

This is a commentary on what I think is an over looked topic in society today.  Something that nobody will expect is a problem until it is too late.  This problem could be turning into a grave threat right now even.  Legions of them could be breaking through your doors seconds from now!  No, I’m not going to talk about terrorism.  I am talking about the real threat of a Zombie Invasion.

As you may know, the government does not have a zombie plan that they share with the public.  There is an ongoing debate as to whether one is needed or not.  Some say a plan needs to be made just in case of an outbreak.  It will cut down on deaths and ward off the potential of a zombie ruled earth.  Others say that this is a waste of time and money that could be devoted to other sources, like filming Jersey Shore.  The government should at least educate people on how to keep their families safe when the dead rise.  Sadly, the government will make us fend for ourselves in the future apocalypse.  By the time they act, it will have been too late for the poor defenseless children stuck in school that day.  While the government does do stuff like screen people to find terrorists at airports, they do not hold checks to see if someone is infected. 

                The truth is that as the population increases, so does the chance of an outbreak.  A “Zombie Plan,” is needed to give the people enough time to react to this situation and live.  Most zombie outbreaks are covered up.  They get written off as animal attacks or crazy people biting others where then other crazy people shoot the biters in the head.  They usually get arrested and are never heard from again.  The voices against the “Zombie Plan” say that letting the size or frequency of attacks go public would just stir up panic.  Which is why I think citizens should be informed and educated so their brains won’t end up being dinner. 

If we as humans are to survive, we need to know where we stand against the living dead.  People need to be informed about what to do just in case.  Don’t live your life in fear, just be ready.  We all need to work together to make it through.


2 responses to “Uncommon Common Commentary

  1. This post just made my month.

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